39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Early 3 AM onwards m facing Stomach pain As well as back bone pains M not sleep Today Facing pains Is it delivery pain

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Answer: Today I'm also facing this problem.
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Question: Am suffering from light stomach pain am 5 months pregnant is it normal or not
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy when baby grow uterus akso grow its puts pressure on muscles thats why mild abdominal pain s common so don't worry Taje rest ,avoud carry heavy things nd advised 4 plenty of fluids too. U can try it akso its hekpful nd give warm compres to ur belly too
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Question: In NT scan nasal bone ossification is not well appreciated. What is it means.
Answer: When the nasal bone line appears as a thin line, less echogenic than the overlying skin, it suggests that the nasal bone is not yet ossified, and it is, therefore, classified as being absent.. Please confirm with your doctor too. Take care.
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Question: Hi I am not able to drink water as my mouth is bitter ,and m facing heart burn as very less water m having wat to do
Answer: I am having same problem..what I am trying to do is take it form of juices,milk, try adding some mint leaves to water..that flavor also will reduce vomiting feels and try to drink in very small amounts slowly..
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