10 months old baby

Question: Ear pain in babie

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Answer: Hi dear, Ear infections are quite common in babies and toddlers.it often followed by a cold.virus and bacteria are the causes.following tips that can be used : 1- warm compress on ear 2- keep the baby head elevated 3- paracetamol to help from pain 4-make baby sip warm water through out the day If it gets worse,you can take him to doctor and antibiotics can cure it.
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Question: Pain in ear .any home remedies
Answer: Stop using earphones and sleep with cotton in affected ear
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Question: Pain in ear..he is constantly crying
Answer: Hi,ease consult tour Dr for the drips don't put any drops without the consultation with your Dr
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Question: Ear pain in 5 years old
Answer: Ear pain in 5 yr old can be due to mucus plug aggregationn to mucus accumulation or hardening of the mucus so will advise you to see an ENT doctor and ask him to clean for your baby's ears and the hard mucus will come out showing a pediatrician is also important firstly to know that if there is any swelling inside the oral cavity or if the area around the ear of yours a little bit swollen or large as compared to the othe ear so symmetry will be seen if there is symmetry between both the years and both the jaw line then do not worry there is no infection
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