6 months old baby

Question: Ear infection in baby

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Answer: Check if your baby has a mild fever and rubs her ear all the time. also if your baby is not sleeping properly at night as waking up and crying and trying to massage and play with her ear. that indicates an ear infection which is very common in young children and infants below 6 months. you need to consult your paediatrician as your doctor will do a thorough check-up of her as well as her oral cavity and check her tonsils to identify if at all its ear infection or infection of the pituitary gland. not poke or insert any earbud, anything that you find easy to clean with because it is not indicated to insert anything into baby's ears especially babies as small as six months. because their eardrum is very sensitive and situated at a very close distance. visit your paediatrician to get a checkup. Take care
Answer: Hello dear.....do not try anything on your own. Most of the ear infection disappear on their own in babies with in few days. Still best is to go and consult your doctor.
Answer: Hi! Please take the baby to the Paed, dn try anything to clean it. Dr. will prescribe a drop baby will be alright. Good luck!
Answer: Hi, wipe war with wet cloth slowly. Show to de so that dr can give drops. Take care
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