18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Helo!! During the whole night my throat feels so thirsty @nd this is happening since 1.5 months, is it normal? And when I go washroom for thr first time the colour of my urine changes can you please tell me the reason behind this?... Thank you

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Answer: hi dear! so dear you might have to visit your physician dear.some test might be conducted for you dont worry its nothing serious but i hope you normally drink alot of water during the day and the urine color is dark which means that not sufficient water intake and if the urine is light it means that the water intake is proper dear. so just visit your physician dear dont worry . take care!
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Question: why I need to go to washroom again n again?? especially at night my bathroom visit increases..I get up 4 times to pass urine..plz tell me the reason
Answer: Cz baby is growing ND that's why bladder is under pressure. It's very very common symptom... Everything will be fine once u delivered.
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Question: Helo mam my last LMP is 1st jan 2019 nd this month i hv done my UPT that is positive nd yesterday i hv brown spotting wts the reason behind it???
Answer: hi this can be implantation bleeding which happens when the fertilized egg implants itself to the lining of the uterus but to be on the safer side it is advised to consult to doctor
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Question: Hi my baby has white colour spot on his face and its spreading. Can you tell me the reason for this.
Answer: Hi dear, These types of spots are common and it is caused mainly due to skin infections please consult a skin doctor and apply medicine.dont do self medication because its baby matter
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Question: my baby girl is 9 months old.. suddenly she vomitted 2 times.. nd it is first time she vomites like this.. can u plz tell me the reason behind this...
Answer: did u gave her something new to eat ..
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