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Question: During pregnancy which fruits and vegetables we should take or which we shouldn't pls say

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Answer: Avoid papaya, pinenapple, jack fruit, black grapes. . These may cause problems. . . Include lot of oranges, watermelon, other juices without sugar. . Tk cre dear
Answer: Dont eat papaya nd pineapple.. Rest u can eat everything
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Question: Which fruits and vegetables should and shouldn't be consumed during ist 3 months
Answer: Hello, please avoid bitter gourd, papaya ,pineapple ,high Mercury content fishes, raw or uncooked foods or meat raw egg, banana , sesame seeds and if you were to consume watermelon during the course of your pregnancy, you may be exposing your foetus to the various toxins that the watermelon flushes out. Besides, it is a cold inducing food which is why it is suggested not to eat it while you are pregnant. Dates which may heat up your body and lead to uterine contractions. Hope this helps.
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Question: Which fruits and vegetables should I avoid during pregnancy
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy, it's a wonderful period but need to be a little bit cautious and careful. Till your first trimester please avoid papaya and pineapple. These are extreme heat causing fruits and hence strictly to be avoided. You can have ripe papaya from 5th month onwards. It's good for mother and the child. In case you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, please avoid mangoes, sapota, custard apple. Always remember to have one serving of fruits, if possible more, every day. Also include dry fruits, eggs, milk, green leafy vegetables in your diet. Limited your sweet intake and better to completely avoid cool drinks/carbonated drinks.
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Question: which fruits and vegetables we should not have this time
Answer: Maine toh bohot grape's khaya hai.. really now I am tensed
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