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Question: During my ovolution cervical mucus is white and not sticky is it infertility mucus

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Answer: Dear cervical mucous would be like egg white consistency during fertile period..white cloudy discharges are not fertile .
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Question: As ovolution occures carvicle mucus changes but my mucus not changes remains same as white and non sticky is it important to carvicle mucus for pregnancy
Answer: It is not necessary that it will be sticky but yes certain changes should be there to help you know that you are ovulating.. It is because the ph level changes... Hope this helps
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Question: Is Watery slightly sticky cervical mucus fertile
Answer: Fertile mucous is always like egg white consistency.strechy , transparent,it won't have any smell too..
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Question: Carvicle mucus will be white or watery during ovolution
Answer: Dear it can be both like I get egg white discharge in my ovulation days. It's different for everyone..
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