12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: during my 7th week I had little brown bleed so I went for scan which showed I had a blood clot (sub-chronic hamorreage)below the gestational sac. Doctor asked me to take bed rest for a week so that it will get absorbed into my body...I took complete rest and so my bleeding stopped.. but today when I did my scan it was still there... doctor seemed to be relaxed...But I am little worried.

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Answer: no need to worry take rest and follow your doctor.
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Question: Last week I had a scan and it showed an empty gestational sac is it abnormal
Answer: wait for another a week or two.. and scan it again... and hope for the best
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Question: Had a scan today...it just showed a gestation sac in scan ...dr asked for a repeat scan.i missed my period on 29th nov.
Answer: Don't worry in the next scan everything will become visible
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Question: I calculated my week to be 7w1day but my scan showed 6w1day so no heartbeat yet. The doctor asked me to come after a week. Is it true abt the heartbeat? Is delayed conception normal? Im a little worried now
Answer: Yes. Its normal. delayed conception means delayed ovulation. So nothing to worry. Your baby is formed healthily. Just that the days are later. A week later your baby will have the expectex growth as shown in the scan. This happened to me as well. So nothing to worry. Enjoy your days :) cheer up
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Question: 5th week ultrasound scan showed only gestational sac but not fetal node. Doctor has told to repeat scan after two weeks. It is normal
Answer: It's normal in my case also same, now i have cute healthy angel in my hand, may delivery date will differ that's it, eat healthy stay healthy. Enjoy this pregnant without fear. Best wishes
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