12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: during my 7th week I had little brown bleed so I went for scan which showed I had a blood clot (sub-chronic hamorreage)below the gestational sac. Doctor asked me to take bed rest for a week so that it will get absorbed into my body...I took complete rest and so my bleeding stopped.. but today when I did my scan it was still there... doctor seemed to be relaxed...But I am little worried.

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Answer: no need to worry take rest and follow your doctor.
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Question: Last week I had a scan and it showed an empty gestational sac is it abnormal
Answer: wait for another a week or two.. and scan it again... and hope for the best
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Question: By my 8th week scan, doctor found a sub chronic hemmoroid in my sac and suggested some medications. Is anybody aware of it. Is it normal ?
Answer: Hi, Subchorionic bleeding occurs when the placenta detaches itself from the original site of implantation.This is called as subchorionic hemorrhage or hematomo.These can range in size. Many subchorionic hematomas are not harmful in the long run especially the smaller ones have a better outcome.However risk does increase in the first half of pregnancy. With treatment and close monitoring many women go on to deliver healthy babies Be regular with follow up appointments with your doctor.
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Question: Had a scan today...it just showed a gestation sac in scan ...dr asked for a repeat scan.i missed my period on 29th nov.
Answer: Don't worry in the next scan everything will become visible
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Question: I calculated my week to be 7w1day but my scan showed 6w1day so no heartbeat yet. The doctor asked me to come after a week. Is it true abt the heartbeat? Is delayed conception normal? Im a little worried now
Answer: Yes. Its normal. delayed conception means delayed ovulation. So nothing to worry. Your baby is formed healthily. Just that the days are later. A week later your baby will have the expectex growth as shown in the scan. This happened to me as well. So nothing to worry. Enjoy your days :) cheer up
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