19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: During 4th month Is there any scan needed

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Answer: Hii.. Yes .anomaly scan is done Between 18-20wks which is very important. Gd luck
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Question: Is there is any scan during 7th month of pregnancy?
Answer: Anomalys scan have to complete ma ..then normal scan is enough if u want . otherwise no need..u can scan at 9 months..anomalys scan means body parts of baby in the womb..
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Question: Is there legs swelling during 4th month of pregnancy..is it normal or any serious
Answer: A little Swelling in legs is normal in pregnancy. So do not worry about it To get a little relieve you can some if the following: Dont sit in one position for a long period of time Try moving around after every one hour Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily Limit your salt intake Put a pillow under your feet to keep your legs elevated when you go off to sleep Have a happy pregnancy Tk cr
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Question: Nt scan is needed?
Answer: Hello dear... A nuchal scan or nuchal transculansy scan is a sonographic prenatal scan,which detect the cardiac abnormalities of fetus,though altered extracellular matric composition and limited lymphatic drainage also be detected,it can taken between 11to14 weeks,in which baby's neck is still transparent,it is usually combinedwith blood test ,in first trimester accompanied with screening option
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