35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: During 2 month of pregnency chicken pox how effect

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Answer: How to reduce amniotic fluid level
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Question: Is chicken pox in 7th mnth of pregnancy effect baby??
Answer: hi dear! yes it will affect the baby if chicken pox occurs in the 7th month . also you should consult with your doctor as you will need an injection immunoglobulin for this also after delivery your baby will also be given injection of immunoglobulin so that the baby does not develop neonatal varicella. take care dear.
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Question: chicken pox during pregnancy
Answer: If you're pregnant and you're sure that you had chicken pox as a child (or that you've received the chicken pox (varicella) vaccine), you and your developing baby will have immunity to the virus. But many people aren't absolutely positive that what they had as a child was chicken pox If you're pregnant and living with children or adults who haven't either had chicken pox or been vaccinated, it's a good idea for them to be vaccinated so they won't contract the disease and bring it home to you. You can't get the vaccine yourself while you're pregnant, but it's fine to be around others who have just been vaccinated.
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Question: My baby is 2 years old now infected with chicken pox what should I do and how we can avoid becoming sacr of chicken pox
Answer: Hi. your child will be contagious from 2 days before rash appeared. consult your doctor with your child if he has chicken pox. chances of your getting infection is rare if you had a previous exposure in life
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Question: How dangerous is chicken pox??
Answer: I am okey now..my neighbour is infected..
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