16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Due to excessive vomiting my right hand side ribs are paining severely, how can I get relief from this pain? I have used iodex, zandu balm but got no relief, plz help.. I can't sneeze, cough or blow

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Answer: Call ur doctor and take some medicine
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Question: Since few days,i got severe pain in my right hand in morning,sumtimes even i can't bear it...pls help wid resolving this!
Answer: Check that with the doctor. It may be due to muscle pain or vitamins deficiency. Physiotherapy will work better
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Question: I used to sleep on my left side but during night time due to pain on my left leg i turn to right side .my mom told that if you want to turn to your right side you have to get up and do it but i can't able to get up at night is that would cause any problem to my baby
Answer: During my pregnancy I was also told that sleeping on left side is better than sleeping on right side coz it helps to improve blood circulation... which is good for baby....changing side while laying can harm baby....get up and slowly turn around....coz this will not let your tummy shake......i had also faced the same situation..your mumy is right
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Question: Guy's my heels are paining like any thing, i cannot stand and cook food for long time, since i have no helping hand and have 5 year's daughter also so i only have to do all thing's by my own, please help me let, how can i get relief from this pain. I'm 27 week pregnant.
Answer: Mine is the same situation I used to soak my feet in warm that use to give relief for sometime but the pain was too much so I consulted my dr she gave me vitamin injection after that there much relief so speak to your doctor about it
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