28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Due to corono virus my family members didn't go outside to buy fresh vegetables and fruits in 3days am not eating vegetables and fruits am only eating cooked rice and is any harmful to baby

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Answer: Dear cooked rice doesn't contains nutrition so you will need to take at least pulses and vegetables in your diet
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Question: My baby not eating curd and any fruits how to make my baby boy to eat those 2
Answer: Can try these two things in different form for example u can make smoothie with curd+fruits and feed ur baby...u can make custard and add fruits to it, can make curd+fruits frozen as summer is already here😊these little recipes will defiantly help u😊
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Question: I am 8 weeks pregnant due to virus I am not able to go for treatment. Is my baby safe. Can anyone suggest what precautions to be taken?
Answer: Don't worry dear...ur baby will be fine..avoid doing heavy works, and avoid wearing high heels, stop taking any alcohol or tobacco if u are taking..limit ur market work and avoid taking stress during pregnancy time. Be happy and enjoy ur pregnancy
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Question: Is it fine if I'm not taking any supplement and medicine during my pregnancy ..it's my 6 week now..I was not able to go for my checkup due to lockdown in city..I am only eating healthy food...Im not feeling any problems except sleeplessness...next 20 days also it's not possible to go to dr... should I take medicine by my own by recommendations of chemists..or should I wait till 20 days..
Answer: No u should not take any medicine without Dr's prescription.actully it is better to go to Dr bcz they will start with vitamins,folic acid tablets n also some.medicine to prevent misscarrige or any defect in baby.so if possible at least call the dr.if you can't go to the Dr then don't take any medicine for baby also n any like cold cough or painkiller nothing is safe
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