9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Due to complete bedrest my bodyaches and I get headache also lying in bed is it possible to stand for a while or walk as doctor had suggested bedrest due to spottng bt it has stopped just brownish discharge is going ??

Answer: Dear your gynae needs to tell you this. There is a reason why she has suggested bed rest. If you are better now however the brown discharge is also not good during this stage but still better than spotting. So talk to ur gynae ask her is you can do a small walk or just stand and take few steps. She knows ur condition so a better person to help u with advice. Hope it helps.
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Question: I feel pelvic pressure i had spotting at 13 weeks doctor advised complete bedrest due to low lying uterus is it ok.....i m worried....
Answer: yes low lying placenta cause bleeding so you should take rest but don't worry it will move upwards with the growth of the foetus but take bed rest and continue taking progesterone tablets Avoid sexual intercourse and any other physical exertion Repeat the scan to see the status of placenta
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Question: Hi dr pl suggest....my bp is going high ...m tking medicine as prescribed by dr...lst mon in morning i feel like something is going down nd fluid discharge wid some amount she suggested mee fr ultrasound its was normal bt nw im in complete bedrest...lst Friday i hd acidity prob wid dehydration nd bitter taste ..so i consult to dr she gave me medicine to stomach is oky bt I'm observeing chest pain....is it oky something to b worried
Answer: Dear everything is normal and common during pregnancy. Moreover if medicine are working fine then dont stress and just relax and take medicine on time and you will be fine..
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Question: M going to complete 39 weeks still not baby dropping take place but baby already in cephalic position after alot of walk doing per day ...is it possible baby will drop nearly due date???
Answer: Yes. It can drop just before few hrs of delivery also like how it happened to me. As far as the baby is in correct position, that is enough.
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