30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: due to big tummy Im unable to do a nything ,I feel like to do everything but I can't nd today since morning I'm having pain in my left side in ribs it's so painful dat I can't move nd doc said it's gas problem tk pantop all dis really weakened me wt to do

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Question: How to deal with gas in tummy...i m really uncomfrtbl..what to do?
Answer: hii dear congratulations for ur pregnancy. gas during pregnancy is common due to  increased levels of progesterone. Progesterone is a hormone that makes ur muscles of ur body to relax This allows gas to build up easier and creates bloating, burping and flatulence. .Some common foods that cause gas and bloating include cabbage, beans, cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, pasta, bread, white rice, potatoes, oat bran, raspberries, and pears.At the same time, avoid greasy or fried fatty foods. They take a long time to break down and digest. Also, sodas and fruity, fizzy drinks are packed with empty calories and can cause gas. U can also use some home remedies. Soak one spoon methi at night in a glass of water a d drink that water after straining methi. Also u can have ginger tea early morning. U can also eat ginger with honey after every meal to make sure a proper digestion. 
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Question: it's 5th week of my c section. ..bleeding nt stopped. .frm 2 days it's bleeding much like watery before dat juz spotting. .. y it's suddenly changed to heavy bleeding. . is dat any problem. .. when it'll come down or stop... i worried abt dis. .frm dis having back pain so irritating to feed nd do something
Answer:  Most women, the bleeding that happens after a delivery (whether it is a vaginal delivery or a C-section) lasts no more than 6 weeks on average. Some women only bleed for 4 weeks, and some can bleed for up to 8 weeks. ... Some women will have bleeding that continues for longer than normal. You will have a vaginal discharge called "lochia" (LOH-kee-ah) after delivery. The lochia is bright red the first one or two days after delivery, and later turns a pink color. The lochia changes to a white or yellow color by about the tenth day after delivery. It is normal to have discharge on and off for six weeks after delivery. This helps prevent a vaginal infection. The lochia should not have a bad smell. Contact your Doctor if feel like any of below problems: You have a fever. You are having increased vaginal bleeding and are soaking more than one sanitary pad every hour. Your bleeding lasts longer than one month after your C-section. Call if your bleeding becomes as heavy or heavier than a heavy period. You have bad abdominal (belly) pain. Your incision is swollen, red, or has pus coming from it. This may mean that it is infected. Your incision comes apart. Your bandage (that covers your incision) becomes soaked with blood. You have bad smelling discharge from your vagina. The feeling that you need to urinate right away lasts longer than one week. You have pain, red streaks, or warmth on the lower part of one of your legs. You have a red, hot, and painful breast. You have cracked or bleeding nipples. You are not able to sleep well or are sleeping more than usual. You cannot eat or are eating more than usual. You feel that you may hurt yourself or your baby. You have trouble breathing all of a sudden. This could be a sign that you have a blood clot in your lungs. It could also mean that you are allergic to a medicine you are taking.
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Question: Hello mam gdevng im 22weeks pregnant i had tiffa scan yesterday doc said everything is fine bt also suggested me to go for fetal echo nd growth scan nd asked me cum nxt tme vt dat reports could u pls suggest me why for al dis im really very worried abt dis
Answer: Hello! This is normal test and nothing to worry. It checks the heart condition of the baby. This will help further to identify the doctor if there is any problem or not so that they can plan accordingly as to how to deal with it. There is nothing to worry. Please don't take stress. Take care
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