Few days old baby

Question: Due date is tommorrow may 15 but no sign of labour... Can anyone help

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Answer: You will get the labor pain naturally...dont worry about it...even i had my baby after the due date coz i was waiting for my labor pains
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    Ramya Thamasseriyil T856 days ago

    Thanku for the feedback🙂

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Question: My due date is 15 September but still no sign of labour I'm worried plz help Dr.
Answer: Hi Don't worry it ain't unusual many women delivery post due date even I did Your baby needs to be closely monitored post due date observe movements every 3 hours There should be 10 movement a day If you experience decrease in fetal activity visit your gynaclogist to the earliest Your doctor may observe untill 41-42 weeks according to your babys environment Generally post 41 weeks if there is no pain they may induce or go for c section according to the situation
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Question: 40 week pregnancy But having no sign of labour Due Date is 22 may Pls suggest
Answer: Hello! Please don't worry. You can wait till 42 weeks and labor can happen at any point of time. Till then keep on walking, climate steps and if possible use Indian toilet. Almost have plenty of water... Take care.
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Question: My Due Date is on 2th of may But still no sign of labour.. Im so worried
Answer: Until movements are normal nothing to worry... Sometimes pain has to be induced before we go to labor
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