9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Dry fruits should be eaten as it is or in soaked form

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Answer: Nuts can be eaten both ways, however almonds are better eater soaked. You can eat about 7 almonds, 4 halves of walnuts, couple of dates and figs and few pista.
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Question: Can I give all dry fruits as Raw or in soaked form
Answer: Hi dear baby id 2 years so baby can digest dryfruits so you can give it in any form . But as it is summer season now so give only soaked because it will flush out the heat of it..
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Question: Pista n akrot dry fruits during this time. Should be eaten in any form??? Poppy seeds in masala can be eaten is it safe to eat?
Answer: Hi ,you can take pista, akhrot and even almonds. They are very nutritious and infact should be taken moderation regularly. But avoid poppy seeds. Poppy seeds in masala is still fine but otherwise as separate should be avoided.
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Question: which dry fruits nd fruits should be eaten during pregnancy?
Answer: Dry fruits- walnuts alomnds n black kismis (soaked it all overnight thn eat for best result) Fruits- all except papaya pineapple jackfruit .. best are orange sweet lime apple
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Question: Dry fruits should be eaten or not in the first trimester ?
Answer: Hi dear surely u can have handful of Dry fruits. It is better to have soaked dry fruits which ia easier to get digest.
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