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Question: Dry cough during 2nd trimester

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Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear. Try some remedies for dry cough. #Garlic can be very helpful in alleviating the cough. U can suck on garlic, as long as u can take it. # increase fluid intake and stay well hydrate. # sipping giñger tea may help to reduce the throat irritation. Just prepare ur regular cup of tea with a dash of fresh ginger root and soothe your throat. # take warm water with little salt.
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Question: what medicine can be taken during second trimester for relief of dry cough.. ?
Answer: Hello Dear You can use following best home remedies for cough during pregnancy : Basil leaves and honey for cough during pregnancy A teaspoon of a paste made of basil leaves and honey can prove beneficial in soothing the symptoms. Alternatively, you can boil basil leaves in water, strain, add honey and drink. Honey subdues the pain in the throat. lemon, salt and black pepper Suck a slice of lemon with salt and black pepper on it to reduce the intensity of cough. Eat garlic for treating cough Eat garlic with meals 2-3 times a week to seek relief. Onion juice and honey for cold and cough Onion juice mixed with honey also acts as a good cold and cough syrup. Almonds, sugar and butter for cough A paste of soaked almonds (without their cover), sugar and butter is a potent remedy for dry cough. Chicken soup for cold and cough Chicken soup with onions and vegetables is nutritious as well as helpful in reducing soreness. Gargle with salt water for cold and cough Warm, salt-water gargles draw out the mucus and reduce the painful swelling in the throat. Salt also quells the itching sensation in the throat. Gargles with warm water mixed with lemon juice and honey are equally effective. Humidifier cough Inhale steam vapours through a humidifier or from a pot of boiling water as it loosens the mucus and soothes an irritated throat. These home remedies for coughing during pregnancy are very useful and effective but excessive amounts of some ingredients in these remedies may also be counterproductive. In case of a prolonged, it is advised to consult a doctor if these do not work.
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Question: Can we take allegra 120mg tablet in 2nd trimester for dry cough
Answer: Hi You should take medicine under supervision of your treating doctor. Every pregnancy is different and every person is different. Medicine that worked for me may not work for you. Pregnancy is a time when you have to be very careful. This is a very sensitive issue to address.
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Question: I can have dry fish during 2nd trimester of pregnancy
Answer: Hello! It is better to avoid dry fish. Dry fish if not preserved properly can be a problem. Also most of the time the process is not very hygienic, it is better to avoid during pregnancy. Take care
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