5 months old baby

Question: Drooling is common i understand. But so much that baby needs 3/4 bibs a day.. all completely wet... By when does drooling end?

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Answer: Dear it can be irritating to see baby drooling but it happens because of teething a d once baby get even one tooth it will be fine automatically...
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Question: Today when I took a nap it leaked so much my t shirt was wet with that sticky thing
Answer: Do you think it's your amniotic fluid, mostly pregnent women think. This water comes from their amniotic fluid. But this is not true. Sometimes watery licking is normal like white discharge. You can check urself. When it comes,  Basically lay down and relax for 30 minutes, then get u and see if you feel another rush or fluid. Immediately consult ur gynoclosit. If you don't get any liquid, it was probably not amniotic fluid before.because amniotic fluid will keep coming out.
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Question: Sometimes I feel my panty is wet, but when I check it's completely dry..is it something worrying?
Answer: During the first trimester, it is all to do with increased hormones that you feel uncomfortable or wet all day. Note any liquid discharge or thick white plaque coming from vagina accompanied with occasional pain and itching. This can be an early sign of infection. Keep your vaginal area clean. Follow hygiene while having sexual intercourse. Take care.
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Question: My 5 months baby is drooling a lot. He started drooling when he turned 4 months. but it's increasing with every passing day. reason? any remedies to control it?
Answer: hello dear its due to teething..The byproduct of a baby's saliva production, drooling begins when a child is about 3 months old and lasts until he's between 12 and 15 months old - more or less the same time period as teething. ...so dont worry its normal..
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