26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Drinking tea make baby darker is that true sumone told me ..... I only drink one cup in mrng

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Answer: Its a myth but stil you can drink less quantity
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Question: Early mrng one cup of drink tea is it k in pregnancy
Answer: Early mrng don't drink tea bcz it will harm your baby....after 2-3hours you can drink tea...mrng you drink milk or eat fruits...early mrng you take healthy food that reaches your baby
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Question: Is Drinking more tea will make baby darker?😢
Answer: I know there there is nothing like that do not worry but I am get drink tea only twice a day
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Question: I'm drinking tea everyday.. so is it harmful for my baby? My mother in law told me that because of tea my baby's skin become darker.. is that true or not?
Answer: Hi dear Drinking tea is not at all harm for baby or it ll make babies skin darker...baby is safe inside the sac bag and only your nutrients goes via placenta.. Actually taking tea during pregnancy hepls to rid of insomnia and keeps you fresh..tea is a natural antioxident..you can also add a pinch of ginger and mint leaves along with tea to improve your digestions as there ll be some digestive issue in later pregnancy stages...
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