6 months old baby

Dr, yesterday my baby falls down from the bed while he was sleeping. Cried for for a while and sleeps soon. No swelling are seen. I don't know where was hitted. Is there any problem doctor? Shall I visit hospital?

Neeche pura gir gaya tha to sar mein bhi lagi hogi par jada chot nai lagi hogi kyunki aajkal bacche sweater itne pehne hue hai ...fir bhi..just check usse koi vomit to nai hui girne k baad.....aur dr se ko bhi dikha do wo apne acc dekh lenge
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    Revathy D37 days ago

    Sry. I don't know hindi

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Question: my baby fell down from bad . she cried for 5 min and now she is sleeping. no swelling detected. what should I do.
Answer: Hello! Look out for signature like vomiting, lethargi or sleepiness. In case of these, please take her to the doctor. If the baby is actively and playful there is nothing to wo about.
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Question: My baby 8month old he is feel down form bed. He cried for 5min after he started to playing well. But now I don't know what to do
Answer: Don't worry dear. Your baby is perfectly ok and normal. If your baby is active and no vomiting or swelling on head or injury on any part of the body then it's ok.
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Question: My girl is 7 months old.. before some days she s falls down fron bed.. she cried little time.. no othr problems occur.. it was a shock for me.. is it common or needs to worry??
Answer: Hello Dear i was in same situation some time back My son fell from the cot at around 4 months so we moved the mattress to the floor. N then at 10 months he jumped off his crib n landed on the floor--- it's been more than 3 months but still I can't forget that incident but like other mommies said, babies fall down every now n then.. hope your little one is alright now. this is the advice my paediatric gave --- *whenever baby falls, just look out for swelling, *vomiting within 24 hours and *drowsiness, *lack of attentiveness, *any change in normal behaviour--- If there is bump yu can give cold or warm compress n for yur mental relaxation yu can meet pediatrician but if none of above mentioned things occur,then there's nothing to worry... Babies are actually stronger than we think- so don't worry (I know it's easier said than done, cos I too freaked out when my son fell down)... Rather concentrate on ways to avoid falls like installing bed rails or moving mattress to floor...
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