4 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Dr. Usg shows that i have G. Sac like structure.. Does it means I have weak pregnancy

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Answer: No dear if shows that you are pregnancy...It is too early as only 4 weeks ... I suggest to wait till you complete 8 weeks then scan again . Stay at home . Tc
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    Mir Zaira484 days ago

    Thank u so much

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Question: Usg shows that i have G. Sac like structure... Does it means I am pregnant
Answer: Sac is present means you are pregnant but after 8th week Dr will do another scan,then he will tell you sac has baby, heartbeats r there n baby is alright, pregnancy is good to take further.so all d best
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Question: I am 9 weeks pregnant.In my first USG it was seen that i have triplets.What are the things that i have to take care of?
Answer: Congratulations dear this is great news. And don't stress yourself at all just flow with time. You do not need to fill your stomach with a lot more food just eat the much you can but take a balanced diet which includes everything like pulses cereals fruits vegetables dairy products and nuts and just avoid pineapple papaya castor oil imli tulsi methi baingan karela
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Question: Mam I have bp am using lebtlol sometimes BP getting very low it shows 88/56 does it shows effect on my baby
Answer: Dear if ur bp s fluctuating its low nd then high ask to ur gyno on phone she ll change the tablet. May be this tablet s high powder thats why bp goes low. So dear ask to ur Dr on phone avoid oily spicy nd junk food, take plenty of liquids nd to 4 walk too.take care
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