8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Dr. This is my second pregnancy and 8 weeks pregnant , but this time I am feeling too much tired.Is it normal?

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Answer: Hi,it is due to hormonal changes It is common during pregnancy You should have healthy food .have lots if water As you as you get up in the morning you should have something to eat like plain toast or some nuts it cereal crackers This will give you instant energy You should also have Pulses. Eggs Cereal s Avoid caffeine Avoid packaged food Have nuts Go slow in your routine activities This will help you
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Question: Hi, I am 19 weeks pregnant..I feel my heart is beating faster and feel tired.Is it normal??
Answer: Hi During pregnancy blood volume in our body increase and hence the blood pumped by your heart increases by 30-50 % As the cardiac out put increase the heart rate increase from normal range to about 25% Hence your heart beasts faster As for feeling tierd a lot is happening inside your body and an increase amount of calories are needed to compensate the same In adequate or improper diet often leads to tierdness Have frequent energy dense food such as fruits like apple ,banama sweet potato, a handful of dryfriut Pulses dairy products
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Question: This time my second pregnancy but this I am feeling so much tired.it is normal plz rply maame
Answer: Yes dear, it doesn't matter if you have a pregnancy already or not. All pregnancy are different and cause different symptoms. So of you are feeling tired its completely normal. Just take rest which your body is asking and you will be fine..
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Question: Hi i am 12 weeks pregnant mother...and its my second pregnancy...this time i am not feeling anything in my stomach...is it normal
Answer: highest it's absolutely normal interest with there is nothing to see now as baby is very small now . many babies fell between 19 to 25th week of gestation
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