19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Dr. Suggest me to take progesterone injection twice a month.. And also gives progesterone tablet. Why?

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Answer: either u had a misscarriage before and another reason if u have sum blood spotting this time or sum bleeding,jus to prevent u from misscarriage.
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Question: My dr gives me progestrone released tablet why this tablet?
Answer: Hi dear, progesterone uses hormone imbalance if progesterone only take in pregnancy are not a missed period.progesterone is important to help prevent infertility and help maintain good pregnancy.and also progesterone is a hormone that is released after ovulation during the latter phase of your menstrual cycle.tq
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Question: Hi, I am confused, becz my Dr. Suggest me duphaston tablets upto 7month. And also gives progesterone tablets and progesterone injection twice a month... Why??? I have a past history of miscarriage bt that time I have no bleeding at all.
Answer: she gave u progesterone so that delivery does not happen early. it is given to reduce the chances of early delivery.
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Question: Discharge blood clot.. In 3 days.. Dr suggest me to take progesterone injection.. But no control
Answer: Take complete bed rest while taking this medicine and it will take time for bleeding to stop. Don't worry
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