35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Dr plz say.i am 35week pregnant. My weight is 109kg.any complication in c sec for my over weight?

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Answer: Calculate your BMI. If it is >35 it is high risk pregnancy but with proper care every thing will be ok. Best of luck
Answer: For c section there won't be any problem. Only for normal delivery weight will be a problem. Nothing to worry dear
Answer: I know there is no problem in your C section operation
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Question: My dr suggest me c sed due to breech baby plz acknowledge me post c sec precautions for my health
Answer: Hi! Pregnancy is beautiful with some associated challenges, in C-Section delivery you need to keep certain things in mind which includes your queries; 1) Once the anasthesia effect is gone the incision is very painful however it subsides with painkiller effects. 2) You will be trained in the hospital how to feed your child , however you need to keep your posture straight, have back support, its better to buy a boppy pillow this time it will help you to breastfeed. 3) Better to have a helping hand for few days till the time you cope with your own body and baby well. 4)After operation passing stool will be challenging for which you will be given a laxative apart from that please take natural laxatives, like prunes, papaya, overnight soaked raisins these are natural stool softener, have lots of water it will help. Good luck and take care!
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Question: my dr. planned a c-section at 36 week due to fibroid.. is there any complication.. plz help me dr..
Answer: No there won't be any problem, they will remove the fibroid too
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Question: I am 35week pregnant,my baby weight is 2.6gm,is it possible to normal delivery?
Answer: S possible to normal delivery,it's small baby only, 3.9,4 kgs babies only tough to normal delivery
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