13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Dr said i hv septate utrs. Is there any issue? Tell me

Answer: Scanin report shown like ths
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Question: hello mam, i hv done my NT scan n double marker test. doctor said u hv 2chord vessels. what does it mean? is there any issue?
Answer: It is common nothing much to worry about In most cases, it won’t: The one artery just makes up for what the missing one would do. However, there’s a slight increase in risk of growth problems and a minimal increase in risk of stillbirth. You should also be aware that baby’s kidneys and heart develop at the same time as the umbilical cord does, so there’s also a slight increase in risk of abnormalities to those organs. Your doctor will look closely at the kidneys and heart and may have a specialist give baby an echocardiogram in the late  second trimester to be sure 
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Question: Hi dr i m 24 weeks pregnant women i m suffering with vaginal discharge is there any issue? Suggest me
Answer: Hello! it is normal and its nothing to worry about... it's caused by hormonal changes that affect the uterus, the cervix, the vagina.If you are having symptoms of abnormal discharge, which can include itching, or burning, or discoloration, or odor, you should talk to your doctor.
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Question: Hi dr i hv done my Nt. NB Scan nuchal translucency :1.2 mm nd low lying .lower margin of placenta covering the os. Plzz tell me is there any problem my dr said take a more rest nd legs k niche pillows rakhkr sona h plzz tell me is there any complications nd whats the picosns
Answer: hi dear! so dear your nt scan is normal . if it was more than 3.5 then it was considered abnormal. and if your placenta is low lying it means that the placenta that is suppose to be up is now lying low on the internal os(internal part of the cervix). and no there is no problem as you are just 14 weeks pregnant . there is a chance that your placenta may change its position as your fetus will grow . so dont worry lets hope that your placenta will change its position. dont worry dear! and yes sleep with taking pillows below your legs and ofcourse rest and dont stress much! everything will be fine stay positive.! take care! i hope this information was helpful to you!
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