3 months old baby

Question: Hii dr. Plz reply meri beti k muh k taluve m chala ho gya is se wo dhudh nhi pi rhi ro rhi h plz btaye kya kre

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Answer: Ye chala nahi hai.. Agar white patches hai to ye candida infection hai.. Candid oral paint naam se medicine aata hai.. Is dawa ko din me 3-4 baar baby k mouth, palate, gums me lagaye. 2-3 din me baby milk piney lagegi.
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Question: Meri 4month ki beti k jihb pr red colour k Dane ho gye hain dudh nhi pi rhi ro rhi hai kya krna chahiye.
Answer: Use cchale ho rahe hein uski jibh par glycerin lagao cotton bud se
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Question: mere baby ko muh me chala ho gya h...kya kre?
Answer: hello dear feed your baby well for very two hours.. if you are more concern then consult your doctor
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Question: aj subha se meri baby feed nhi le rahi. feed krne m ro rhi hy.hath pair chala rahi hy.nasal drops.b dal rhi hun.feeder pi rahi hy.
Answer: There are many reasons why your baby may not want to breastfeed. She may refuse at various stages of her development. Reasons include: She finds it difficult to latch on properly and can’t get a good enough mouthful of your breast to feed from. She may refuse your breast out of frustration.Your baby may need to be reminded how to feed properly, by going back to the basics. Perfecting any new skill can require repetition. Your midwife or health visitor can help, or ask to see a breastfeeding specialist.Your baby has tightness in her neck muscles on one side (torticollis), which makes breastfeeding on one side more painful than the other. If you notice that your baby won't feed from one breast, seek advice from a doctor.She has reflux and links feeding with pain.Her mouth is painful, perhaps because she has an infection such as thrush, or a cold sore.She has a cold, or a stuffy nose, making it hard for her to breathe while breastfeeding.She has an ear infection which is making her miserable and makes feeding uncomfortable. See your doctor to rule out any infections.She is teething.Your milk supply has reduced, perhaps because you have been giving your baby formula feeds as well.She is easily distracted by noise or interruptions while she's breastfeeding.She bit you during a feed and was startled by your response.She's experienced a big disruption in her routine, such as if you have recently moved house or returned to work.Talk to your pediatrician.
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