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Question: Hii morning urine colour is very dark after shoot hcg 50000 injection after taking enough water that ok?

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Answer: Hi dear, I think morning urine would be otherwise be little concentrated and dark yellow.since whole night we won't be drinking water.ans since you are getting HCG injections,it would.change the urine color a need to worry.drinknplenty water in day time.night time avoid drinking more water.
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    Khushboo Bansal322 days ago

    Thanks mam

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Question: Reasons of dark yellow urine.. m taking enough water then y .. smtimes very dark.. smtimes Okk
Answer: Due to pregnancy only ur urine colour is dark yellow don't worry..
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Question: My morning urine is very dark brown in colour with some white or red clumps . After that whole day urine colour is normal.
Answer: Hi dear if you are experiencing a dark brown colour urine in the morning with some white and red clumps I think you should definitely see your doctor and immediately report this problem to him this is not normal to happen during pregnancy .. Hope this helps!
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Question: I am having enough water still my urine is dark yellow colour..what should i do?
Answer: Hi! It can happen due to the meds u r having at this time, so pls dont worry but fr ur peacs of mind u can consult with ur Dr. Hope thia helps!
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Question: Hii am 18 weeks pregnant and my urine colour is very dark yellow any problem
Answer: Hello dear. Dark yellow urine could be due to dehydration. Please increase your water intake to atleast 3-4 ltrs daily. It can also be due to urine infection if you are feeling any kind of burning sensation in ur urine. Please see ur gynae in that case. Hope it helpd.
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