5 months old baby

Question: hlo dr my daughter is 4 months 26 days still she s not holding her head what should I do.

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Answer: sabhi bacchon ka physical and mental development alag alag time par hota hai. iske liye aapko chinta karne ki koi jarurat nahi hai. mera bet abhi 4 month mai nahi palat pata tha. sab aas -pass waalon ne bol bol kar mujhe bhi dara diya tha. its completely normal dear. dont worry! jab uski body ready hogi to wah apne aap flip karne lagega. is baat ko lekar jada pareshan mat hoiye.
Answer: Hi, ita ok dear. I can understand your concern as a mother but all kids arw different and rhey kearn at their own pace. So its ok. Give good massage with almond oil. Dont worry. Take care.
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Question: Nowadays my baby s not drinking breastmilk ,while suck she s facing her head sideto side .what should i do
Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 4 months old dear may be baby s not well or he s not hungry that's why she turn face while breast feed .so check the reason may be breast feed s not coming properly pls check this also .try it give bf after 2 2 hours .dear babies r so smart sometimes they don't want to do efforts for breast milk that's why they reject breast milk .they know when they reject breast milk mumma 'll give bottle feed in which they don't have to do efforts for milk .they open the mouth nd milk starts coming .that's why they prefer bottle feed .dear of u have enough bf nd baby s not taking directly from breast take out milk wit breast pump nd give it baby wit spoon .avoid giving bottle its not safe .try it
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Question: My baby has completed 4 months but still he is not holding his head properly or rolling on his tummy.. What should do??
Answer: Hello, Der baby learn these activities from 4-6 months so don't worry. Baby will learn it just encourage him. Give him some tummy time to baby regularly that will help in head holding and roll over thing.
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Question: My daughter is 6 months 11 days old but still she can not sit independently...what should i do.
Answer: Don't worry my babies are also 6 months and 5 days old they too cannot sit independently more than 3-4 sec.
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