7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Dr,,,,I m suffering from widal is it harmful for me plz tell me I m so tens ,,m also 6 week pregnant

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Answer: Dear I think widal means typhoid... so having typhoid during pregnancy will not harm your baby in any way so don't worry but yes please consult with a doctor and get the medication on time..
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    Hameem Hr114 days ago

    Widal means feaver

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Question: M 6 months pregnant. Suffering from severe cold ,cough n fever. Is it harmful for baby
Answer: Hi! No dear cold or cough will not harm your baby directly but its troublesome for you, for cough you can try; *Steam inhalation. *Dry ginger helps little. A small pinch of dry ginger powder with some jaggery, boil well and drink like tea. *Green tulsi tea also helps. *You can keep a small cinnamon in mouth, its safe and works well in cough. *Biting clove is also useful. *Honey lemon and ginger tea also is good. Hope this helps!
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Question: I m 7th week pregnant woman... i m suffering from gas so plz suggest me any solution for it...
Answer: Hello dear. Some of my own tried and tested tips for gas during my pregnancy will be to Try smaller, more frequent meals, to include Exercise in your daily routine, make sure to Drink plenty of water, Watch what food you eat, Avoid artificial sweeteners, carbonated drinks and fatty fried foods, Under situations of severe gas, a small piece of jaggery will help relieve it. Based on my personal experience as nothing worked for me in 8th month and this remedy helped, Having green leafy veges and fruits and also Fiber intake should be increased more of salads with lunch and dinner will help. Morning breakfast you can have with oats to help in constipation. Hope this helps
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Question: I m suffering from cold cough.... Coughing continuously is it harmful I m 9 week pregnant
Answer: Hi dear, Coughing won't effect baby.your baby is in a highly protective cushioned sac.so not to worry about it.for cough,try this: 1- gargle lukewarm water with honey and turmeric twice a day 2- taking steams as many times as possible 3- 1 tsp ginger juice,tulsi juice, honey,pepper crushed .take it twice a day 4- keep sipping hot water through out the day 5- avoid any deep fried or oily food,which triggers cough
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