35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hellow dr i ll complete 8 months on cmg 30 date. Now when i clean the floor with the help of cloth at that time i hear some sound from the stomach. My family member lyk my mom ad grandmother says its normal. Is it really normal???????

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Answer: Yea. It may be gastric noise or the movements of food. It is absolutely normal.
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Question: Hi ... I faced in my first delivery was really bad experience .. I delivered my girl through vaginal only but after 1 hour my hear beat count down start lagging to 47 so I supposed to admitted in ICU doctors were fully observed me till it comes to normal rate but after the days crossed my heart rate were normal. And I dont have any heart disease and family too.. my question is now im conceived for second may I have some fear in my mind to face labour pls help me for the better opinion
Answer: Hllo dear u r 21 weeks pregnant dear if u have heart beat problem after first delivery then u should tell abht this to ur gyno .nd if u have bp monitor in ur home u should monitor ur heartbeat daily nd gives report to ur gyno .then she 'll decide that she 'll go for normal delivery or c section .don't take stress abht this in some cases heartbeat goes down after delivery. It's rare. It's not complalsary that u have this problem in previous delivery it 'll happens again .u should told abht ur previous delivery problem she 'll tc of u nd always monitor ur heartbeat .tc
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Question: Hi.. m 28 weeks pregnant and i got my reports today which says my cervix is 3 .2 i wanted to know of it's normal.. coz last month my doc says its very shorts and it is expanding and admitted me for 3 days.. and i also feel contraction evry now and then.. i want to know if its normal.. doc says these are signs of early delivery and get admitted as soon as possible.. i feel the doc is manipulating she inserts hand in my vagina and says cervix is really short.. and advised complete bed rest
Answer: Anything less than 3 is considered to be unsafe. Even I had just 3.1 and doctor said to take rest and extra care. But the thing is , cervix can shorten quickly within just a week so , at 3.2 you have to be careful as it could lead to early labour. Did your doctor not give you tablets to prevent early labour or pain?
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Question: My delivery date was 25 dec but from night 12 I am having lower bachache.. and its in 5 to 6 minute interval and the pain last for 1 min. I dont have any pain in stomach or vagina. Is this normal?? I am loosing my very little mucus in every pee i go with some brownish color. Is my contraction started, as its my first pregnancy i am not able understand. Thanks in advance for reply.
Answer: Hope its because of stone issue on your urinary tract... You just consult your doctor....its a best way to avoid emergencies....
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