21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Dr. I have some cold ..plz help some medicines

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Answer: You shouldnt take any kind of medicine without consulting to your doctor..you can try these home remedies Warm, salt-water gargles help by drawing out the mucus and reducing the painful swelling in the throat. Salt also quells the itching sensation in the throat. Nasal strips These sticky tabs gently help to open up nasal passages so that you can breathe easier. Drink plenty of water  It is important to stay hydrated as some common cold symptoms such as sneezing and runny nose can cause slight dehydration. Avoid drinks with caffeine as they may dehydrate you. Honey and lemon Hot water with honey and lemon can work miracles. Honey soothes your throat and the vitamin C in the lemon boosts the immune system.  Ginger juice helps relieve the pain.  
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Question: I suffer Cold and dry cough plz suggest some medicines or home remedy
Answer: Hi dear, cold and cough is a common during pregnancy in this weather as the weather changes these form of problems may come other then that in pregnancy a|so cold n cough use to happen because of hormonal changes . So here are few home remedies to treat cough and cold the best remedy is steam it's the most effective one. Having a steam bath can reduce cold. You can add few drops of eucalyptus oil to the bath water this will calm ur body too, or u can make an ajwain potli like u hv to dry roast ajwain and make a potli with muslin cloth so that the aroma of roasted ajwain can come. Place the potli near ur nose while sleeping this is so far the best remedy. Get well soon
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Question: I m 20 weeks pregnant i m having cold.. I went to Dr . So Dr gave me some medicines of okacet 5mg, sumo cold, & pantosec tablet is it safe for me & my baby. I m worried about these medicines💊
Answer: Hi dear okacet is an anti allergy. Sumo is s nimesulide paracetamol, while pantosec is an acid controller that will stop any side effects off the above medicines. Yes don't worry this medicines are safe. But you should do some home remedies was a better for you like take steam , drink honey and adrak tea. The more medicines you avoid the better
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Question: Hi Dr i have severe cold cough and sneezing also...plz tell me what to do? Can i cold medicines? Or home remedies!
Answer: Congratulations mam. I too have gone through similar phase, so I can understand it well,ple don't worry.you take steam,it helps to reduce nose block,running nose apply to camphor oil or viks chest& back side,take warm water,take Ginger,papper,basil,turmeric, dry Ginger ,all paste boli in water ,you get decoction filter take 3- 5 ml ,3 times a day in warm condition. If no change or other symptoms contact doctor. Take care.
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