36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Dr i am 35 wk pregnant my fluid level is 19.4cm . is it possible normal delivery for me?

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Answer: We can't guess delivery based only on fluid it depends on so many conditions in last week like position of baby cord mother BP and so on ,hope for the best
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Question: I am 29 week pregnant; my amniotic fluid level is 13, is it safe for normal delivery?
Answer: Hi dear, Your amniotic fluid index of 13 cm is good amount and yes safe for normal delivery too.
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Question: Hlo doc...My AFI fluid level is 21-22cm.Is it possible for normal delivery or not..
Answer: AFL between 8 to 18 is considered normal..and you have excess fluid. AFL higher than 24 is considered polyhydromnios. Which is found in 1 to 2 perc of pregnancy. Normal delivery chances are less in this case. It is important for mothers with polyhydramnios to ensure they rest as much as they can. Carrying excessive fluid adds to pregnancy fatigue, leg ache and general discomfort.
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Question: Dr i am 36 week pregnant my bp is 140/90 is it possible normal delivery for me
Answer: Hi,dear your bp us on the higher side in this case normal delivery looks difficult also it depends if the bp increases during labor then Dr will not take a chance and will go in for a csec However don't worry it is ok Take care All the best
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