5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Dr. I am 4 weeks pregnant and had spotting on 1 st june as i took pregnancy test on 9 it was positive and also had spotting on same day too...? Can u tell me the cause

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Answer: Hii Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is any discharge of blood from the vagina. It can happen anytime from conception to the end of pregnancy. Light bleeding, or spotting, during pregnancyis common, especially during the first trimester.
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Question: Hi ,I had my LMP on 1 St aug and I checked on 31st aug got positive result .can u tell me how many week of my pregnancy.
Answer: Heya congrats you are 5 weeks 3 days pregnant you can should consult your doctor and have your blood check up done
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Question: Hi all moms my lmp was April 14 but on 23 rd April I took pregnancy it was negative on same I have heavy watery discharge one day fully after that no periods on June 4th i had positive pregnancy result blood result also positive with 677.0mIu/ml on ultrasound scan baby can't find it why
Answer: It is very early.. After 7 weeks doctors can see clearly
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Question: Hi i took the pregnancy test day 29 i got the positive result same day i took the two test both are positive. Day 33 i went to hospital she took the same test but it was shows negative. After came to home i took the test it shows postitive. Day 34 i took the test on early morning urine again same result positive. Totally i took 6 test all shows positive. Some times i have vomiting. Some time i dont have any feeling. Tell me am pregnant ?
Answer: Hi there is a lot of confusion between the reports of a doctor and the test reports that you have undergone you would better discuss this with your doctor show him the reports and discuss if you could carry on with the scan which will be able to give you the character also if you do your blood beta HCG test it will show the levels of HCG increasing if you are pregnant which will also prove that you are pregnant
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