10 months old baby

Question: Dr i am use diaper for ny baby in night. It is harmful to ny baby??

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Answer: Hello dear daiper usage at night is not harmful.for.the baby provided you have to change daiper in between.one daiper alone used for many hours together is not healthy for the Abby and it cause rashes for the baby which is very painful.
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Question: hii dr i use diaper in d night... so is it ok or not
Answer: Using diaper at night or anytime of the day is perfectly alright. No need to worry as diaper is a much better option than cloth nappy from hygiene point of view.
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Question: is it safe for baby use diaper in night..if yes then what is maximum permissible time for one diaper?
Answer: Yes you can use diaper. Its better if you change diaper once in 4-5 hrs. And if baby poops its necessary to change as soon as you see it.
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Question: Is it safe for the baby to sleep in AC room.? Can i use diaper at night in summers ?
Answer: Hello Mam, yes it's completely safe to make it sleep in a but the temp has to be from 26 to 30 only. Yes u can use the comfortable diapers at night and change the diaper after every 2 hours.
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