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Question: Dr gave me hcg injection during my ovulating days,so after that is there any better chances to get pregnant

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Answer: Hi if your doctor has given you it's CG injection during Revolution period it's definitely has a reason and the reason is so that the HCG hormone remains Hai in your body during this time and the chances of conception becomes quicker and higher..
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Question: Is there any chance to get pregnant during less fertile days?? After ovulation days completed??
Answer: Hello! Chances are very less. If the ovary gets fertilised by the sperm within the 24hours hours, then chances are there. But after those 24 hours, getting pregnant is not possible. Take care
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Question: Is there any chances to get pregnant right after period.. Means we had relation on my 5th day of is there any chances?
Answer: Hello! No, chances are not there specially if you do it in your periods. You need to do it on the ovulation period for conceiving. Take care
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Question: Is there any chances to get hemorrhoids after normal delivery?
Answer: Yes dear. The chances are more, if the delivery is Normal or csec one is supposed to take lots ans lots of water to avoid such situations.. Start drinking more liquids.. also consult doctor for medication.. Take care
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