4 months old baby

Question: dr. do we need to take all optional vaccination also. i mean varicella, rotavirus,pneumococcus. is there any issue if we miss these vaccination.

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Answer: Hi dear see these are optional vaccines the mandatory vaccines are already there and these are optionals now it is absolutely your call if you want to take them you can go ahead but if you do not want to take them there is no pressure or there is no such problem so the best thing would be to discuss this with your pediatrician you can discuss the doubts that you have which may occur if you do not administered this vaccines to the baby and then accordingly you can take a decision.. Hope this helps!
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Answer: No it's not seen in india...So we are in safe zone we don't need to take precautions
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Question: If we miss MMR their is any harm.because vaccination is not available in govt hospital
Answer: hi dear! you should give them from the private hospitals as none of the vaccines if possible can be missed dear as the baby is very susceptible to infections before 2 years of age dear that does not mean the baby cannot get infected after 2 years but your baby is more prone to getting infection dear. so do not miss any vaccines dear. take care dear.
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Question: My baby now 4 months.. unfortunately i miss rotavirus nd pneumonia vaccine. Now i want to continue that .is there any problem to miss vaccine
Answer: Hello dear, Some of the vaccines may be given as part of a combination vaccine so that a child gets fewer shots. But if u miss any vaccination then it can be harmful as vaccination is given at certain time interval to prevent against certain viruses and infections and thus it is important to give it on time. Better u consult ur doctor.
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