13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Double marker test kab karwate hai.

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Answer: Hi.. Dear 14 weeks ke baad kabhi bhi ho sakta hai.. Aapke gynaecologist par depend karta hai..
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Question: What is nt scan n double marker test..Dr's q karwate Yeh test
Answer: Nt scan is to check ur baby development, double marker test is to see if ur baby having any problem in the development.. n to check if blood flow happen properly
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Question: Triple marker test kb karwate hai
Answer: Hii.. Triple marker test is latest and most important test for early pregnancy. It's also called as Triple marker screning,triplet, Period -15 to 20 wks pregnancy. Method and Component- same as other blood test in lab. For AFP, HCG, Estriole level. Sometimes inhibinA called Quadruple test. Important for- Diabetic mother,thyroidism.previous history of congenital defect delivery baby. Frequently abortion, viral infection during pregnancy. Women age >35 yrs. Medical use - For rule out congenital disease of unborn baby, multiple pregnancy(twins rtriol , neural defect,
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Question: double marker test kisine kiya hai kya?
Answer: Double marker test is mostly recommended to all by the doctors. Double Marker test is performed to check the fetus having any abnormalities or not.double marker test available for fetus who suffer from Down's syndrome.It is usually done after 8 weeks of pregnancy up to 14 weeks. This test detects any kind of chromosomal abnormalities that might occur after the conception occurs. If the test result shows negative value that it confirms that your baby is free from any abnormalities.
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