27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Done 75g ogtt last Saturday and resulted in 157. Before drinking glucose i ate a banana. Does eating banana caused this much hike? And on Monday i hv done fbs (fasting) and resulted in 71..is there any problem..

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Answer: hello dear might be you have gestational diabetes.. mostly before eating banana will not be the cause of increased blood sugar level..so consult your doctor once again and inform everything he might suggest you the best
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Question: I took glucose challenge test...before that i ate sweet dish for breaskfast and i drank 75g glucose syrup for test...after 2hours they drawn blood and my sugar level is 152 mgs..my doctor advised me to take fasting and pp sugar level..is there anything problem?
Answer: Hi dear. normal blood sugar level after 2 hours of meal must be less than 140 and yours is 152 so that's why you doctor have asked you to take fasting sugar level in order to detect if your sugar level is more than required or is it ok . it is always good to clear the doubts so you must go for test .
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Question: I have done GCT test and value is 211. Is there any problem? While in fasting glucose its 73 only
Answer: Hello! You have gestational diabetes. I would rather ask you to consult the doctor and also manage your diet which is very important. Take care
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Question: I have done 2 hour 75-g Oral Glucose Tolerance Test, OGTT yesterday. But i ate a banana before drinking glucose and resulted in 157. Is there any problem?
Answer: Hello! The results show you have sugar and that means that you have gestational diabetes. Hence do speak to your doctor once about it.
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