10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: does x-ray test cause any harm to baby in womb?? plz reply

1 Answers
Answer: Yes you should tell technician first that u r pregnant
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Question: Does yeast infection cause any harm to baby in womb?
Answer: Hi dear , if yeast infection is treated on time with proper medication then it will not cause any harm to baby dont worry..
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Question: Does dental x-ray will harm the baby?
Answer: Hi dear , no dental x-ray has no direct effect on your pregnancy or your baby. Don't worry.
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Question: Can standing in front of x ray room harm baby?
Answer: Hi dear, unless your abdomen is being directly under the xray machine, there will be no effect of X-Ray on your baby. Hope it helps.
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Question: Is fetal reduction safe...does it cause any harm to another child in womb?
Answer: Yes it's safe but pls do take rest after the procedure
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