37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Does white discharge is sign of labour

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Answer: white discharge can b a sign of labor only if it is water break .. u will feel sudden gush of water or liquid discharging from ur vagina.. else normal discharge couldnt b considered as sign of labor.. hope it helps 😊
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Question: Is it white discharge is d sign of labour. ?
Answer: Normal white discharge will happen to see but the discharge is heavy and you are unable to control or it is happening without knowing then it might be the AFI which is leaking. Use a sanitary napkin if it gets wet within 20min then its AFI and you need to rush to your doctor
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Question: Is White discharge sign of labour?
Answer: White discharge is a sign of cervical thining at 39 weeks. So yes your vagina and uterus are preparing for delivery soon in 2 weeks time. Be vigilant about water break if you see any sudden gush of water that means you are going to diliver soon.
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Question: Is White discharge is a sign of labour?
Answer: Hi, yes it us callwd mucus plug. It is the sign of labor. Take care
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