33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Does wearing perfume, nail polish and lipstick harmful

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Answer: Hi dear it is not compulsory but yes due to sharminda disha lance u may get some allergy due to skin being extra sensitive at this period. So it is better to either avoid or if u want to use then prefer herbal and natural cosmetics which will not affect u
Answer: Hello dear none of this is harmful for pregnancy or for that baby. Only in the case of lipstick you need to be careful. It had to be of good brand so that it won't cause any allergies.
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Question: Is it safe to use nail polish and lipstick during pregnancy
Answer: Hi, yes you can use be careful that liostick is original and branded.
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Question: Is it harmful using nail polish after delivery?
Answer: For lrmegs u can keep bt for hands it is not good becz u feed ur baby, now nd then u clean ur baby's mouth so its better to avoid for hands
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Question: Nail polish
Answer: Hii kindly avoid wearing nail polish during pregnancy as Nail polish contain a cocktail of chemicals collectively linked to all kinds of health issues. Think organ and nervous system damage, hormone disruption and cancer.  Dare to go bare, or buy less toxic options  All the best.
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