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Question: Does the stomach ache bcoz of pregnant

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Answer: Only stomach ache doesn't considered first sign of pregnancy so it is difficult for me to suggest whether you are pregnant or not.. better you should wait at least a week after missed period to confirm pregnancy.
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Question: I'm 20 weeks pregnant why I'm getting seviour stomach ache one side
Answer: That is nothing but round ligament pain..very common as the pregnancy progresses..the ligaments that is holding uterus ,streches along with expanding while talking turns or sudfebt movements you get that pain. It is normal..but tk avoid that pain take turns slowly....
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Question: Stomach tight and lower back pain in 40 week does it sign of labor pain??
Answer: Stomach tightening and loosening is very common in final weeks of pregnancy and also known as also known as false labour.increase your getting this kind of stomach tightening frequently please inform your doctor and prepare for delivery. Keep yourself relax and hydrogen all the best.
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Question: My baby does lot of movement while sleeping it seems that she irritates from smthng, is it bcoz of clothes or smthng else?
Answer: Do you burp before putting baby to bed.. sometimes baby shows discomfort due to trapped gas..
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