33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Does the skin colour of baby depends upon the drinks we consume like tea, milk or coffee?

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Answer: Hello dear Baby's skin texture mainly depends on the genes or biological parents.But after knowing this, then also we tried to improve our babys skin texture by trying so many food items such as coconut water, saffron milk, almonds, milk, oranges, consuming lots of ghee in pregnancy etc.
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Question: Does the skin color of baby depends on the food that we take?
Answer: Dear no food can define the complexion of the baby still some of the old wives used to believe that certain foods changed the complexion of baby. Here is a list of foods that can be consumed during pregnancy, which will help improve the complexion of your baby. 1) Saffron Milk 2) Coconut 3) Milk 4) Eggs 5) Almonds 6) Ghee 7) Oranges 8) Pineapples 9) Fennel Seeds 10) Grape Juice Hope this helps.
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Question: Does the colour of the baby depends on wat we eat
Answer: Hai Happy pregnancy It depends definitely on the intake what u take as well ur baby genie Have plenty of water and more amount of fruits to increase ur baby silk tone Stay cool 😇
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Question: Does drinking coffee or tea affects the baby?
Answer: Hi,coffee should be avoided during entire pregnancy.you can have tea once in a day as it has less caffeine as compared to coffee,it can be taken.
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