7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Does the mobile phone usage during pregnancy harm baby???

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Answer: Hi dear, You need to take extra precautions to ease the worries. As the rays can be problematic for u. Here are a few tips that will keep you and your baby safe while using mobile: Keep your mobile phone a few feet away if you are not using it You can consider using a hands-free device like speaker phone or headset Instead of talking, opt for texting, and while sending the text, keep the phone as far away as possible before pressing the send button. In case the call is urgent, keep it as short as possible. Whenever possible, use a corded phone. Make calls in areas with high coverage of network and avoid the ones with the low reception since the phone emits more radiation because it tries harder to connect. Reducing your screen time is advisable during all stages of life, particularly during pregnancy, where everything that you experience has a direct impact on your baby’s health. Do not carry mobile in your pocket since it can be close to your belly Do not keep the mobile under your pillow when sleeping
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Question: Does mobile phone usage..harm baby..during pregnancy
Answer: Hello, Dear mobiles do have some radiations which are not good during pregnancy.. but in today's Lifestyle it's very hard to avoid mobile phones completely from your lifestyle.. so use the phone only when it is required not all the time.. also don't sleep with the phone under your pillow or near your bed. Keep the phone somewhere else which is not near your bed at all...
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Question: Does using mobile phone during pregnancy harm my baby?
Answer: No problem you can use it but take some care Don't put cell phones and laptops on your body, use cell phones on speaker or headsets while talking , Avoid cordless phones, sometimes choose texts over calls Avoid using your cell phone when your signal strength is low. Try to off when your not using
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Question: mobile phone usage will affect the baby during pregnancy?
Answer: Hello dear U can use mobile in pregnancy but in limit because the rays which are coming from mobile is very harmful for u as well as ur baby.
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