27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Does the coco n dark chocolate affect the skin color of baby during 7th month pregnancy?

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Answer: No any food item can never ever effect on baby colour. It's genetic factor.
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    Trushna Dhanani235 days ago

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Question: Does iron tablets affect the color of baby during pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear, no it's a myth. Whatever you eat goes to your body it's for your body. It never goes directly to the baby. Baby is nurtured and get all the nutrition from your body. Not directly what you eat. It's advisable to eat healthy because if your body is lacking then eventually the baby will. So relax n follow your doctor advice n medication.
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Question: Does eating dark choclate during pregnancy makes the skin of the fetus dark?
Answer: Colour of the fetus completely depends on the genes of the parents
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Question: Benefits of having dark chocolate during nine month of pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear... Yes, you can have chocolate ,it help in lowering stress, hyper tension, and also prevents preeclampsia, promotes fetal development, but have it in moderation, because overconsumption may leads to weight gain, it also contains caffeine, consuming more caffeine may leads to preterm labor, low birth babies.
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