30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Does taking iron tablets makes the complexion of the baby dark?

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Answer: Nothing like that.. Iron tablet doesn't have any effect on babys color
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    Question: does taking iron tablets or eating dates makes fetus skin complexion darker??
    Answer: Hello dear. Skin colour of the baby does not depend on the diet. It is genetic which is inherited from either of the parent. Skin colour depends on the pigment called melanin. If melanin is more, skin is dark. If it is less, the skin will be fair. It is true healthy baby's colour looks fair. Take plenty water and healthy food, your baby will also be healthy. So keep it up to make your food healthy full of vitamins, calcium, iron, protein, magnesium, folic acid, fibre and DHA. #Dates are highly recommended for pregnant women as they can reduce the risk of anaemia, help cope with morning sickness, regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels, get rid of toxins, boost immunity, and maintain healthy calcium content in the body. Dates in pregnancy are good as they contain laxatives which aid in uterus contractions and ease labour by shortening it. Research proves that the consumption of dates during late pregnancy shortens labour and affects delivery positively by reducing the risk to both the mother and the baby.
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    Question: hi does iron tablets makes the skin color of your baby dark .
    Answer: No nothing like that...infact iron tabs are needed to maintain good amount of HB
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    Question: Is taking iron tablets will cause darkness of baby complexion
    Answer: Absolutely not! Complexion, physical features everything are purely genetical. Depends on the parents and grandparents.. nothing else. Take care!
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    Question: Taking iron tablets effect baby complexion?
    Answer: Hi dear, No,iron medicines have no relation with baby complexion.
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