10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Does sneezing too much cause any harm? Recently I have been sneezing a lot especially because of some odors or even for that matter some fragrances. Have become quiet sensitive all of a sudden.

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Answer: During pregnancy our sense organs acts like very much sensitive. Keep yourself away from the odour which causes sneezing. Specially nose can identify lots of things than before. Sneezing is not a problem, if it is more consult your gynecologist as soon as possible
Answer: Sneezing will not cause any problem as body is able to bear strong vomiting also safely.but if you have any spotting or are informed that you have cervix incompetence then you can ask your doctor about it.
Answer: Hi,no problem.dont worry.nothing will happen to your baby.take care
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Question: I have to travel a lot because of my duty pl help me so that no harm may cause to my baby
Answer: It's better to reduce ur travelling until 14th week. In first trimester too much journey is not safe for you and ur baby. In this high risks of miscarriages be careful dear.. Take care.
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Question: I have got extreme cold and sneezing a lot. Because of which i am feeling some abdominal pains. Will this condition of mine, harm the baby by any means? Please suggest some remedies to get well soon
Answer: Hello dear no it won't affect your baby...don't worry but if you will not be well you will not eat properly.. please visit doctor and take proper medication..
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Question: Hello i am suffering from too much cough & sneezing a lot .. does sneezing harm baby inside
Answer: No dear sneezing won't harm your baby... I would suggest you visit doctor and take medication it will give you relief sooner..😊
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