27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Does pregnancy lines disappear after delivery

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Answer: Hello Dear, Eventually yes, it will go away, usually after birth, but it disappears very slowly, especially while you are breastfeeding. Things such as sun exposure can cause it to darken again, reversing any progress you may have made. Lighter-skinned women do not see as much of a pigment change as darker-skinned women; darker-skinned people in general are known to be more susceptible to hyper-pigmentation. For some women, the linea negra may never go away after their first pregnancy.
Answer: Hello dear if you are talking about belly line linea nigra then it does not disappear but become light after delivery.
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Question: Is EIF disappear during delivery
Answer: Most EIF seen in the middle of the pregnancy will not go away before delivery. EIF has no impact on heart function before or after birth and almost never requires follow-up testing. If a patient has already had an amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS), or even a cell-free fetal DNA screen, then all of these findings are even less important. Hope it helps.
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Question: When will the line niagra disappear after delivery?
Answer: Hi Dear! The pigmented line on the stomach or linea niagra goes away on its own around 3-4 months of pregnancy thats when thd skin lightening starts.. Hope this helps!
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Question: C section is done vertically or horizontally..and also after delivery cut sign remains or disappear
Answer: Generally cut is made horizontally...yes scar remains dere ..
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