12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Does alot of pain in lower back is a sign of miscarriage? Pls help me im very much worried about this lower back pain.. it is very severe

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Answer: Dear back pain is completely normal during pregnancy and it happens because of growing baby's pressure on your back bone.. it will not cause miscarriage so dont worry and be positive. Do mild hot compress that will give you relief. If its unbearable then please consult with your doctor and get it checked..
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Question: Pls tell me i am having very much pain in all over abdomen since one week but no bleeding .. is it a sign of miscarriage..
Answer: Hi Dear! Don't be panic first at all. It's not good for you and your baby. In the second trimester, the chances of miscarriage very very less. if there is no bleeding for you, there may be some other health problem for you. So Please consult the doctor soon and get rid of your pain and panic also.
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Question: Sonetimes my lower back pain alot. Is it a sign that labour is near ?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your anxiety. Back pain and stomach pain can be a sign of labor. Labor pains will be like menstrual cramps slowly gap between cramps decreases and induces labor. Good luck
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Question: im 11 week pregnent since im having cramps in back and in abdomen is it sign of miscarriage ? im worried
Answer: No dear if it's miscarriage there will be bleeding. The syptoms are normal and it's due to uterus expansion
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