Few days old baby

Question: Does normal delivery possible when the weight of the baby is 3.6+ kg at this week?

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Answer: Normal delivery is possible upto4 kg
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Question: Doctor said that i am short so normal delivery not possible as my pelvic structure is too small. I am 4'11 and baby weight is 3.6 kg.. really is normal delivery not possible.. please anyone answer this...
Answer: Yeah..in short stature,normal delivery is not possible..
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Question: My due date is 25 dec and baby weight is 3.6 kg.. is normal delivery possible??
Answer: Hi dear, So you have surpassed your due date.ypur baby is already 3.6 kgs and must be getting bigger.i am not sure why didn't you opted for inducing labor yet.as post 40 weeks there is high chance of baby passing meconium in the womb and swallowing it too.regarding baby weight,yes it is difficult but not impossible to deliver vaginally large babies.my friend had delivered 3.5 kg baby boy normally.lotbof factors need to be monitored in mother who wants to deliver vaginally.i am sure your doctor would be in better position to answer your query.
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Question: My baby weight is 3.4 kg at 38 weeks and 4 days..is that normal ? Doctor told me to get admitted on 31st march.at that time baby weight may rise to approximately 3.6 kg..is normal delivery possible for me ?
Answer: Actually it depends on the size of ur pelvic girdle.... If there s cephalo pelvic disproportion do not wait for normal delivery... Cs is safer for baby in such cases
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