16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Does mobile phone usage..harm baby..during pregnancy

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Answer: Hello, Dear mobiles do have some radiations which are not good during pregnancy.. but in today's Lifestyle it's very hard to avoid mobile phones completely from your lifestyle.. so use the phone only when it is required not all the time.. also don't sleep with the phone under your pillow or near your bed. Keep the phone somewhere else which is not near your bed at all...
Answer: Definately an electronic gadget is harmful if u use more than needed...the signals which comes from mobile effects baby..and if u use when charging is less than 10% then it effects more nd more...bettr to limit the mobile usage to certain hours , at the end v want our baby to comeout healthy ...
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Question: Should I use mobile phone and internet in my pregnancy.will it be harmful for baby?
Answer: Definitely harmful effect is there so without any reason don't use too much mobile and internet. But if u are a working women you can't help but always make sure to use your mobile when the battery charge is more than 50%.
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Question: I am 4 months pregnant and I am covid positive, does it cause any harm to my baby
Answer: Hey dear consult to ur gynologist nd take paracetamol, vitamin c suppliment nd another medicine as ur dr suggest u . Kerp ur self in isolation nd take healthy diet . Take 3 to 4 times steam in a day ,take lemon regularly as uts a big source of vitamin c ,avoid cold things nd cold water .only take warm water ,turmeric milk ,take ginger tea too nd think positive it ll be positive .nd wash hands frequently Nd after 14 days again go 4 covid test .Take care
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Question: Does movement of baby increases during 8th month of pregnancy
Answer: Usually 34 weeks a woman can feel frequent a baby movement after that baby movement can slows down because of lack of space. But some women experience frequent baby movement in their labour which is also ok. Keep yourself hydrated and sleep on your sides to feel baby movement.
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